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A-SAM Solution

Autotelic Bio – Synergy Action Mechanism Solution

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Autotelic Bio's platform technology is to demonstrate drug action mechanism and to find drug candidates that have synergistic effect by drug-drug interaction utilizing A-SAM solution as the information needed for drug development is efficiently categorized, analyzed from big data such as clinical trials, patent, research papers and etc.

New drug(or Hybrid New Drug) development utilizing this technology is a development strategy that finds new synergy effects or drug new use by studying the action mechanism of drugs that have already been released or under the late development(clinical 2 and 3) as the drugs have already been proven safe and effective.
This R&D strategy is also business development strategy reducing dramatically the failure risk raised by safety or effectiveness issue that may happen during the nonclinical, clinical development stages. In other words, it is a business model that maximizes the chances of commercialization success.
  • 01 Efficacy·Side effect
    pharmacological synergistic action
  • 02 Combined therapy
    pharmacological synergistic action
  • 03 Synergistic action
    by drug repositioning
  • Big Data
  • A-SAM Algorithm
  • Data Optimization and classification
  • New Drug Development
  • Globalization

A-SAM Core Research

  • Big data analysis
    Study of pharmacological synergistic mechanism A-SAM Core Research Efficacy, Safety, Patient convenience increase·
    Alternative choice increase
  • Target
    1. 1


      TGF-ß2 targeting Antisense Oligonucleotide (ASO)+Immuno-oncology

      New pharmacological mechanism for cancer treatment
      Improve of demerits of existing immuno-oncology drug

    2. 2


      Hybrid New Drug(Hypertension + Diabetes)

      Proved synergistic effect on blood pressure dropping by combined therapy
      Remove side effects of renal insufficiency, skin carcinoma by long term taking of diuretic

    3. 3


      Other diseases