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Product outline

ATB-301 is a new anti-cancer drug in combination with TGF- β2 Targeting Antisense Oligonucleotide (ASO), which selectively inhibits TGF-β, and IL-2.


- Designed based on the correlation between TGF-β overexpression and tumor progression.

- Inhibits TGF-β2 expression by complementary binding to mRNA.

  • Problem

    - Immuno-oncology drugs are effective, but there is
    a large difference in the response rate by cancer types

    - TGF-β has been found to be the main cause of
    resistance to immuno-oncology drugs.

  • Solution

    - Improving the response rate in various cancer types
    by combination therapy

    - Increasing treatment efficacy by using the substance
    which inhibits TGF-β

Development Timeline

  • bg_atb301

    Completion of in-vitro
    efficacy test

    - Confirmation of anti-cancer synergistic effect
  • bg_atb301

    Completion of in-vivo
    efficacy test

    Charles River,
    Chungbuk National Univ.
    - Confirmation of anti-cancer synergistic effect
  • bg_atb301

    Patent granted

    Korean IP Office
    - Patent Granted: Anti-cancer Composition Comprising TASO and IL-2
  • bg_atb301

    P1 Clinical trial

    Phase 1 clinical trial for solid tumor in progress
  • bg_atb301

    Expected P2
    Clinical trial

    Expect phase 2 clinical trial in solid tumor

Presentations & Publications

Presentations & Publications
Journal name Title Date Data
An American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal
(ASCO) 2021
Combination therapy of anti-sense oligonucleotide targeting TGF-beta2 (TASO) and IL-2 (Proleukin) has anti-cancer effect in solid cancer 2021 PDF
Blockade of transforming growth factor b2 by antisense oligonucleotide improves immunotherapeutic potential of IL-2 against melanoma in a humanized mouse model 2021.06 PDF
Cancer Immunol,
Targeting transforming growth factor‑β2 by antisense oligodeoxynucleotide accelerates T cell‑mediated tumor rejection ​in a humanized mouse model of triple‑negative breast cancer​ 2022 PDF