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Diabetes/Hypertension Hybrid New Drug

  • Provides dose convenience to patients by developing Hybrid New Drug which treats diabetes and hypertension concurrently having the biggest market shares in global pharmaceutical market
  • To improve drug compliance of elderly patients who suffer from above two chronic diseases and to reduce side effects from taking multiple drugs.

    Key features

  • Statistically improve anti-hypertensive effects were seen at a GLP facility (4 weeks study)
  • Proven incremental efficacy of hypotensive effect in clinical trials will allow higher price
  • A Hybrid New Drug suitable to go global

    Development status

  • Confirmed incremental efficacy on hypertension
    1) Patent granted in Nov. 2018 (KR), PCT applied in Sep. 2018
    2) Non clinical efficacy study at a GLP facility confirmed synergistic effect (May 2018)
  • Formulation completed (July 2018)
  • Toxicology – 4 week dose response study completed
  • 13 week repeated dose toxicity study completed (Nov. 2018)

Results of improved efficacy using hypertensive rats (SHR) of
hypertension & diabetes combination drug

  • sbp
  • dbp

Efficacy results

  • G3·G4 vs G5

    Compared to single anti-hypertension theraphy G5,
    Hypertension+diabetes theraphy G3 and G4 showed
    superior anti-hypertensive effect.

  • G3 vs G6, G4 vs G7

    Compared to single anti-diabetes theraphy G6 and G7,
    Hypertension+diabetes therapy
    G3 and G4 showed superior anti-hypertensive effect.