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Developing innovative anti-cancer drugs that exceed the limits (lower cure rate in some solid tumors) of conventional immuno-oncology drugs by utilizing new drug candidates in the next generation.
Possible to expand the treatment area according to cancer types by various combination with immunotherapy

  • 01

    Project supported by Government
    Immuno-oncology drug Project supported by TIPS
  • 02

    TIPS/Angel investment completion
    Establishment Pangyo research center Investment in ATB-301 global efficacy test
    - ATB-301(Immuno-oncology in-vitro efficacy) - Proving ATB-101 synergistic effect by non-clinical efficacy test
  • 03

    VC Primary
    Investment in ATB-301 Efficacy/Clinical trial P1 Investment in ATB-101 Clinical trial P1
    - Entry ATB-101 Clinical trial PI - Getting ATB-301 non-clinical efficacy test - ATB-310(Onco candidate) agreement - Formulation study of ATB-410
  • 04

    VC 2ry
    Investment in ATB-301 P1b Investment in ATB-101 P3 ATB-302 Efficacy study
    - ATB-301 Global CRO In-vivo efficacy success Entry clinical PIb - ATB-101 Clinical PI success - Entry of ATB-310 clinical trial (New anti-cancer drug) - Toxicology study of ATB-410
  • 05

    Invesment in ATB-301
    Clinical trial PIIa
    Investment in ATB-310
    New anti-cancer drug
    Clinical trial PIb
    IPO with
    - ATB-101 L/O success to global,Clinical PIII ongoing - ATB-301 Clinical PI/Ib success,L/O success - ATB-310 Entry Clinical PIb