Global Leader of Cancer Treatments


Welcome to Autotelic Bio Inc., an innovative anti-cancer new drug development company.

Autotelic Bio Inc. researches and develops innovative new drugs with a sense of duty to improve the quality of life for cancer patients around the world by improving efficacy and side effects of existing anti-cancer drugs.

Main development fields of anti-cancer drugs

  • Development of mRNA-targeted innovative anti-cancer drugs based on oligonucleotide
  • - Develope systematic and optimized oligonucleotide drug through ASODE™ platform
  • - Improve efficacy and side effects of small molecule drugs and apply to undruggable targets

  • Development of innovative targeted anti-cancer drugs based on small molecular compounds
  • - Develope First-in class innovative new compounds

Autotelic Bio's Core Values


Autotelic Bio Inc. will make a constant effort in order to improve the quality of life of patients and ultimately contribute to health of mankind.
Thank you.

All the members of Autotelic Bio Inc.