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Welcome to the Autotelic Bio, a new drug development company, website !

"Providing cancer patients with innovative
new drugs improving significantly quality of life"

Autotelic Bio is working on the development of new drug with significantly improved efficacy and side effects of existing anticancer drugs and with a sense of mission to provide innovative drugs to cancer patients around the world
thus, improving the quality of life for cancer patients.

In order to realize this corporate philosophy,
Autotelic Bio utilize our platform technology[A-SAM solution: Autotelic Bio-Synergy Action Mechanism solution]
to discover new drug & Hybrid New Drug candidates that exhibit a pharmacological synergistic mechanism based on big data.
Through global commercialization of new drug & Hybrid New Drug, we are making a mid-term profit and reinvesting it in research and development of innovative anti-cancer drugs
Our representative candidate for innovative anti-cancer drugs is
combined therapy of TGF-β2 suppressing new drug with immune check point inhibitor.
It is candidates of new immuno-oncology drug in next generation that shows superior pharmacological synergy (discovered using A-SAM solution)
and superior efficacy and side effects compared to conventional anticancer drugs.
Innovative Anti-Cancer New Drug

In order to improve the quality of life of patients and ultimately contribute to human health,
we will keep challenging and trying.
Thank you.

All the members of Autotelic Bio